co-Founders & owners

Cesar A Vela & Nicolas Tobon

The founders of Colombian Connection Coffee travelled from Colombia to Australia not knowing that their heritage would become so significant and, indeed, shape their future. Cesar arrived as a student in Audio & Music Engineer, and Nico, an Industrial Engineer both eager to start a new life of adventure.

Fate would have it, that these two strangers would be brought together by their love and passion for Colombian coffee. They met as Baristas years ago and quickly became good friends, united by their search for the perfect cup of coffee.

Their pursuit for consistent quality and the rich flavours they had grown up with is how Colombian Connection Coffee was born.

Constantly refining the flavours, tastes and aromas that are now the signature flavour of the Colombian Coffee brand, Cesar & Nico have built a solid and well structured coffee company up to the challenges of the most competitive coffee industry in the world. 

Their journey doesn't end there, however, it is just beginning. Colombian Connection Coffee strives to become the prime specialists in the wide and complex varieties of coffees that a single country like Colombia has to offer.