Nestor Ossa is part of the Tierradentro Organic co-op, a group of around 90 Inzá families recently organised independently to achieve organic certification and find new markets for their outstanding beans.

Nestor’s coffee grows on noticeably steep hills next to the house where he lives with his parents, wife and young son. An altitude of around 2200 masl and Tierradentro’s rich volcanic soil and provide ideal conditions for typica and caturra varietals that grow under the shade of plantain and citrus trees. Coffee beans are pulped and washed with creek water for around 10 hours on site, then dried under the sun on raised covered beds.


The trees are fed compost made at the farm from coffee pulps organic kitchen waste, and ashes from the home’s cooking fireplace.

The parchment coffee is then taken to the community depot to be milled, screened so the minimum bean size is 15, and selected for defects.

Nestor’s coffee stands out for its bright citrus acidity, strong chocolate aroma and maple notes.


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