Single origin Arabica beans

Colombian coffee has been famous around the world, since the mid 1900's for it's quality & flavour.

It is one of the very few countries in the world with steady temperatures all year through. Production never stops and the overwhelming diversity of ecosystems are the secret to Colombia's reputation as the number one quality coffee producing nation in the world. 

Mule Coffee Roasters - Colombia

Each region in Colombia produces coffee beans with completely different characteristics.

Some regions are higher than others, more humid or drier, very or less volcanic soils, or surrounded by completely different ecosystems. Colombia’s coffee industry offers countless coffee varietals and as the flow of information is constantly increasing thanks to modern technology, independent coffee producers are more eager to explore and experiment with new crops, farming and processing techniques.   

Being able to source such a variety of quality beans from a single country means that we can select only the finest produce and ship it directly to our roastery. This ensures freshness, consistency and quality.

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