Single Origin - La Bomba


Single Origin - La Bomba

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La Bomba - The Bomb

Among the many different meanings for such strong noun Colombian Coffee farmers often refer as La Bomba to those super powerful farming heroes with unique skills, detail and staggering speed to pick up the best cherries and helping through the whole processing lines like only legends can.

 At the hands of a very small handful of these farming heroes our own secret agency has found a unique profile flavour like no other to make it permanently available for everyone to enjoy.


Produced by Rafael Amaya and his son. This microlot was exposed to a long dry anaerobic fermentation of 180 hours and dried on raised bed to ideal moisture content.

 FLAVOR PROFILE: Wild berries, passionfruit notes with a herbal hint. Low acidity, sweet dark chocolate.

PROCESS: Washed exposed to a long dry anaerobic fermentation

ALTITUDE: 1800 - 1900 masl

Rafael Amayas’s farm is located in Timana, Huila. 18 Km away from Pitalito, where most of then best coffees and microlots in Colombia are produced.

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