Diofanor Ruiz is the living testament of a genuine Colombian Coffee Farmer.

His Castillo varietal production is Organic and fully sustainable. With over 40 years of experience, Diofanor treasures the traditional knowledge by respecting its native environment. Water usage and recycling are paramount to him.

The first time Cofinet’s Specialty Cofffee program had the opportumity of trying his coffees it scored an outstanding 86pts. It has been 3 years since Diofanor joined the program and his credentials have steadily gone up as he perfects his processess.

Diofanor is one of the most prominent farmers currently in Cofinet's program. He has not only learned and mastered Honey and Natural processes, he also has developed his own experimental techniques.

His son Cristian has also joined the program learning and starting to manage all the aspects of the program itself. Cristian symbolizes the education and path for the new generations of coffee producers.

This special edition is a celebration of coffee culture and tradition in Colombia.

Washed, Honey and Natural processes at the hands of a living legend.


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